The Student’s Council: Who Are We?

The Student’s Council are a dedicated group of elected students who have been tasked with working with areas outside the curriculum in the school and in the local community.

It is important to the school that every student is given leadership opportunities and as a result of this, the Student’s Council have worked tirelessly to develop better food in the canteen, a system where students can confidentially suggest any changes that they would like to see in the school, a new senior microwave, another senior toilet and many other changes to our school, to help make school life easier for the students they represent.

The Student’s Council take matters that involve students very seriously and are actively seeking input from the student body on their projects and in doing so the Students Council Suggestion Box was put up inside the school so that all students could have a voice in the Council.

The Student’s Council has established links with Wexford Comhairle na nÓg, with many of their members being associated with them and the ISSU (Irish Second Level Students Union) where we are rated as a level 5 student council, one of the highest in the country. We are associated with these groups in the hope to train ourselves to adequately represent each student in the school and to represent the school at a regional and national level.

Student Council Members 2019/2020
Junior Representatives;
1st Year:
· Adam Rossiter -McAleese Class Rep.
· Rían Doyle -Robinson Class Rep.
· Dylan Brady -Childers Class Rep.
· Jimmy O’Keeffe-Dobbs -Higgins Class Rep.
2nd Year:
· Eoin Deenen -Boyle Class Rep.
· Richie Barlow -Callan Class Rep.
· Cillian White -Preston Class Rep.
· Seán Kirwan -Rynd Class Rep.
3rd Year:
· Darragh Sinnott -Rembrandt Class Rep.
· Finn Baneham -Bernini Class Rep.
· Lorcan Breen -Monet Class Rep.
· Adrian Bialkowski -Picasso Class Rep.
Senior Representatives;
T.Y./4th Year:
· Evan Buggy -Munster Class Rep. 1
· Cillian Doyle -Munster Class Rep. 2
· Quinton Kelly -Ulster Class Rep.
· Dean Cashe -Leinster Class Rep.
5th Year:
· Seán Mackevicius
· Liam Lahiff
· David J Kelly
· Matthew Colgan

6th Year:
· Cormac Sinnott
· Jack Byrne
· Ruairí Fenlon
· Conor Brennan
Chairperson (CH): Cormac Sinnott
Vice-Chairperson (VC): Darragh Sinnott
Secretary (Sec.): Quinton Kelly
Assistant Secretary (AS): Eoin Deenen
Head of Public Relations Officers (H.PRO): Cillian Doyle
Public Relations Officers (PRO’s): Conor Brennan, Séan Kirwan, Finn Baneham
Irish Language Officer (ILO): Ruairí Fenlon
Irish Second-level Student Union Officer (ISSU.O): Quinton Kelly

By Head P.R.O., Cillian Doyle and his P.R. Team Conor Brennan, Finn Baneham and Seán Kirwan.