Hi Everybody,

The Past Pupils’ Association (PPA) is a collection of past pupils who support the activities of Wexford CBS.

Our purpose is to keep folks up to date on what has been happening in Wexford CBS, reconnect past pupils with old classmates & make new connections, share our collective sense of pride in the achievements of Wexford CBS then and now and to give back to the school that helped us on our path.

To enable this purpose, we will focus on a number of priorities to enable the school and its current school population. These includes areas like; identifying opportunities to give back, supporting school activities & fundraisers (e.g., supporting the upcoming schools pitch development efforts or careers night events), promote the achievements of the schools, expand PPA membership and create opportunities for past pupils to reconnect (e.g., reunions) or network with others.

I want to invite all our past pupils to join the Past Pupil’s Association. While we have a clear purpose and a number of priorities in place it is equally important to note that joining the PPA does not obligate you to do anything! You will be kept informed, we will connect you to what is going on and then you can choose what you may want to get involved in, e.g., attend a networking event, support a fundraiser or participate in a school activity sponsored by the school & PPA. To sign up, just click here (https://forms.office.com/r/uXAp8UXJTR).

Finally, I’d like to thank our inaugural committee for all its hard work. We have a great mix of youth, experience, past pupils & teachers which represents the diversity of what is Wexford CBS.

Yours Sincerely,

Colin Browne
PPA Chairman

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