“Bullying is repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical, conducted by an individual or group against others.”- Dept. of Education

Anti-bullying Week 10th- 14th March 2014

Reminder for parents: There will be a talk on internet safety/cyber bullying Thursday 13th March @ 7.30pm in the GP room.

We are holding an awareness week around the issue of bullying this week. Click on the link below for a full summary of events happening in and around the school.

Well done to all who entered the Anti-bullying Poster Competition
Senior Winners:
1st Shaun Donohue
2nd Stephen Dempsey
3rd Jack Barrett
Junior Winners
1. Seán Grace
2. Ruairí Griffin
3.Sam Mc Sherry

Billy Walsh ( Ireland Boxing Coach )got the week off to a great start when he distributed our “Stay Strong” wristbands/memory sticks to all the 1st years. He also spoke to both our 5th years and 1st years about Bullying and Positive Mental Health.   

Click on the link below for guidelines on countering bullying behaviour in primary and post-primary schools.

Anti-bullying Week 2014

anti-bullying survey




 Anti-bullying Week 21st-25th January 2013

We are holding an awareness week around the issue of bullying from Monday 21st –Friday 25th January 2013. We are running a number of competitions in the run up to the week to raise awareness of the week and the issues concerned. All students are invited to create an anti-bullying poster and/or compose a poem or short story around this theme.

During the week itself, we will have a number of different speakers in to address issues around cyber bullying, internet safety and on building students’ capabilities in dealing with the issue.

We are also holding an information meeting for parent(s)/guardian(s) on the topic of cyber bullying and internet safety on Thursday 24th January @7.30pm in the school’s G.P. Room. The talk will be given by an expert in this area. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of all years are invited. It will be an informative and interesting presentation and an excellent opportunity for parent(s)/guardian(s) to familiarise themselves with the issues that can arise from online activities.

We would also recommend that you read Get With It! (A guide to cyberbullying) which is also available on the school website (Pastoral Care). See also www.reachout.com .  If you have any concerns regarding your son’s welfare in the school, please do not hesitate to contact his Class Person or Year Head to make us aware of the concerns and to resolve the situation.


Report on anti-bullying week


It was some what coincidential that on the week the Department of Education and Skills announced it’s concerns with reference to bullying in schools and it’s plans going forward with regard to bullying that we in Cólaiste Éamon Rís presented our first anti-bullying week.  It is hoped to continue with a similar event on an annual basis into the future.


We in Cólaiste Éamon Rís pride ourselves on how we look after each member of the school community and on our pro-active approach to issuses such as bullying.  This week was not as a reaction to an increase in incidents of bullying in the school, but more of a reflection of events in the wider Irish society over the last six months, and asking ourselves what we may be able do to help members of our school community.  Our approach to bullying continues to be of an excellent standard and based on global best practise.  We up-date our policies regurarily involving all the school stake holders, have an excellent recording system and have excellent Code of Behaviour and Pastoral care system in place that reflects the ethos of the school in providing for education and ongoing development in the tradition of a Blessed Edmund Rice education.


A comprehensive “package” of bullying related activities were offered to each section of the school community during the week which ran from the 29th. January until the 1st. Feburary.  On offer were a range of activities that invited and challanged students, teachers and parents to consider bullying in the school.  The main emphasis of the week was to promote awareness of  the issues involved with bullying and a culture of bullying.  Activities included talks on cyber bullying, a poster competition, a short story and poetry competion, a slogan competition, showing films with a theme around bullying and the  showing of the RTE series “Bullyproof”. Students in the TYO were asked to undertake some research as part of their psychology module, research that came up with some interesting projects and results.


The slogan competition was inspired by the idea of providing each student with a  wrist band attatched to a 2MB memory pen with bullying related documents pre-loaded.  The winning slogan as selected  by the students  was  “Stay Strong”.  This will be printed on the wrist band  which  will be made available to all members of the school community.  Included  among the slogans  were gems, such as, “Stand Tough”, “Liveand Let Live”, “Let’s Talk”, “Head’s Up”, “Be the Difference”, “Extinction” and “See it! Say it! Stop it!”


The week was deemed to be a huge success.  This was measured by the attendance at the different events, by  parents, students and teachers.  It was clear from the level of, and standard of entries in the various competitions that the students took the week very seriously.


A random sample of students from each year group were surveyed in an attempt to evaluate the week from the point of view of those who ultimately mattered.  When asked to rate the effectiveness of the week on a scale of 1 – 10, the vast majority gave marks of 7 or over.  Most’ found it a useful and interesting week.  Students claimed to be made aware of different types of bullying, issues around internet safety and cyber bullying, that bullying actually happens and that some peoples lives are made miserable.  They were also made aware of the fact that many people are victims and others don’t even notice it happening.  They were also made more aware of the suffering people undergo.  It’s not just fun and games for some people and some are less resilient than others.


The anti-bullying week was an unprecedented success in terms of awareness raising.  The next steps are to make sure students and their parents use this new found awareness to limit the damage bullying can cause.  This can be achieved by the opening up of communication channels between the students and their peers, homes and the school and within the school.  Every student needs to value the rights of all coming to a school that is safe and secure where they can go about their day to day activities in a nurtured environment  where bullying will not be tolerated.