TY Coordinator: Mrs. Linda Scallan

Email: lscallan@wexfordcbs.ie


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About Transition Year:

Wexford CBS is renowned for offering an exceptional Transition Year (TY) programme. This optional programme provides students with a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between their Junior Cycle exams and Leaving Certificate exams. During this transformative year, students engage in a diverse range of subjects, encompassing both theoretical and practical components.One of the highlights of the TY program at Wexford CBS is the multitude of captivating trips that students get to embark on. These trips span across local, national, and even international destinations. For instance, students have the chance to embark on a culturally enriching adventure to China, where they can immerse themselves in the vibrant traditions and customs of this fascinating country (please note, the TY trip to China is currently on hold due to Covid-19). Additionally, they can experience the thrill of skiing in the picturesque slopes of Andorra, creating unforgettable memories.Furthermore, the TY programme at Wexford CBS promotes global citizenship and cultural understanding through an immersive project in Zambia. This project allows TY & 5th year students to engage with local communities, fostering a deeper appreciation for different cultures and perspectives. Moreover, the programme facilitates exchanges to New York and Germany, enabling students to broaden their horizons and forge meaningful connections with peers from around the world.In addition to these enriching experiences, the TY programme at Wexford CBS also emphasises the development of practical skills and qualities that are invaluable in the working world. Through a comprehensive work experience program, students have the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and insights into various industries. This equips them with the necessary skills and confidence to thrive in their future careers.The collaborative nature of the TY programme is exemplified through the joint musical production with Presentation Secondary School, Wexford. This collaborative effort allows students to showcase their artistic talents while fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.It is important to note that while participation in the TY programme is optional, it is highly recommended for its numerous benefits. However, please be aware that there is an additional fee associated with the programme (2024/25 550-euro), which excludes the costs of international trips.Overall, the TY programme at Wexford CBS offers an exciting and transformative year for students. It nurtures personal growth, maturity, and preparedness for the Leaving Certificate exams. In fact, statistics show that, on average, students who have participated in the TY programme tend to achieve better results in their Leaving Certificate exams. It is truly a remarkable year that sets the stage for future success.