1st Year Spelling Competition 2014.




Drop & Read

This year we are asking all students to bring a suitable novel of their choice in to school, everyday. Your son can read, discuss, even swap his favourite books as we seek to remind ourselves of the joy of reading. Every week we will set aside reading time for the entire school community ( yes , even the teachers!) to read what they want for a change. Maybe you could suggest a novel to your son that you have read, (who knows he might return the compliment! ). Reading is an invaluable, enjoyable gift that we can all share together and it’s never too late to start.

“Spell Off”

Thirteen 1st year students qualified for the final of the inaugural first year spelling competition. This initiative is one of many underway in the school as part of our Literacy Plan to improve literacy standards in the school. The 1st year final was held on the 6th of February in the schools G.P. room. There was a “spell off” between the finalists in front of their peers. It was a very successful event. The competition was won by Martin Kehoe. Conn McIntyre was second and Shaun Hartigan was 3rd. The winners received a Kindle, with €30 and €20 euro book vouchers for 2nd and 3rd respectively.

2nd Year “Spell Off”

Another thirteen second  year students took part in a very competitive “Spell Off” today (February 8th 2013) . The standard was very high, with the final reaching a nail biting finish.

1st place went to Thomas O’ Brien, who received a kindle.

2nd place went to Evan Ryan, who received a voucher for books.

3rd place went to Christopher Cash who also received a voucher for books.

Well Done to all the participants.

Peter Cole, Andy Wongrachan, Kevin Reddy, Dylan Breen, Matthew Creane, Ryan Byrne, Greame Smith, Chihun Lee, David Okegbile.

Well done to all involved.  Below are photos of the winners. There are more photos of the event in the website gallery.