English in the CBS


The English Department in Wexford CBS take great care in maintaining the traditions of excellence in the teaching of English, while also acknowledging and embracing the need to constantly update teaching methods for a changing world.  As such, students of English can expect to experience traditional English greats such as Shakespeare, Harper Lee and J.B. Keane.  However, the curriculum also has evolved to include contemporary writers such as Llywelyn, McDonagh and Friel.


The Department takes pride in pushing English students to reach their potential and beyond, with over 80% of the students in the school taking honours at Junior Cycle. Students of English at Leaving Cert have consistently performed above the national norm and yet the school is quick to point out that students of all abilities are catered for.


The provision of Library classes for first years encourage and aid the development of literacy in the younger students with our DEAR initiative, while the school’s literacy programme is constantly being updated to meet the challenges posed by the variety of learning difficulties experienced by students.  So whether you are the next budding Shakespeare or simply want to achieve your potential in English, the CBS can provide the education you need.