Transition Year: One of the following topics will be looked at in a 10 week semester.

Life and times of Louis Zamperini

*Early Life up to outbreak of World war 2(to include 1936 olympics)

*Life as a bomber on a flying coffin

*Missing at sea

*Japanese prisoner of war camps and the “bird”

*Later life

*possible connection with the question “were the americans right to drop the atomic bombs on Japan”?(Use PDST insevice material)

Holocaust – Never Forget
Using Holocaust timeline, focus on events in Germany.

* Holocaust from beginning to end
* Wansee Conference/Genocide
* Nazi Concentration Camp
* ABCs of Holocaust
* From one child to another – letters from Holocaust
* Rescuers – people who risked their lives to save Jews
* Anne Frank
* Testimonies from the Holocaust
* What do you know?
* Voyage of the St. Louis.
Assesment will be in the form of a report that will be handed up at the end of each semester.