This policy is rooted in the school’s fundamental aim to assist students to develop their full potential in an atmosphere of co-operation and mutual respect.





  • The purpose of homework is to help students to revisit and reflect on work that has taken place in the classroom, or to encourage further research, with the ultimate aim of enhancing academic achievement.


  • Homework may be of a written nature or may consist of a student revising material in order to assimilate it for exam purposes.




  • To ensure a consistent approach from teachers to the assignment and review of homework across the school.


  • To establish procedures that allow for an equitable distribution of homework across all subjects without placing undue pressures on the students


  • To promote student awareness of the value of homework to their overall progress in their subject fields.


  • To enhance academic progress and achievements of students.


  • To encourage parents to take an interest in and to share responsibility for their children’s work and progress.





  • The amount of homework given should be reasonable, taking into consideration the time it is likely to take to complete, and allowing for different levels of student ability.


  • What is required of the student should be clear, and a due date for completion given.


  • A rough guide will be suggested for each year group.


  • A balance will be maintained between written/practical work and oral/learning work.


  • Records of homework, grades and comments should be maintained by each teacher.


  • Students will be given specific training in homework/study skills.


  • This policy should be evaluated and reviewed on a regular basis.


  • Special consideration will be given to students with special needs.






  • Each student should have a homework journal in which to make a record of details of homework.


  • Students are expected to present their work on time and in a tidy and organised fashion and to do the homework set by the teacher.


  • A student who, for health or domestic reasons, is unable to complete his homework shall present the relevant teacher(s) with a written note to this effect from his parent(s) / guardian(s).


  • Parent(s) / guardian(s) are expected to periodically examine the homework journal to help them reconcile the amount of homework given with the time being spent by the student in completing it. Parents are expected to provide suitable conditions for homework and to ensure that the suggested amount of time is spent on homework.


  • All homework given should be examined and corrected by the teacher involved within a reasonable time of the work being presented.


  • It is recommended that students spend the following on homework and study;

1st Years – 1.5 hours                 Transition Year – 1 hour

2nd Years – 2 hours      5th Years – 3 hours and at least 5 hours at the weekend.

3rd Years – 3 hours      6th Years – 3 hours and at least 5 hours at the weekend.


  • Homework must be written on the board by the teacher.






  • Each subject Department will develop agreed guidelines on the amount and type of homework.


  • The Year Head and Class Tutors of each year group, in consultation with the relevant subject teachers, will develop a homework schedule and time guide for the year group.



  • Good quality homework is being presented.


  • Parents, students and teachers are satisfied with the effectiveness of the policy.


  • Goals are being attained.




  • The students’ journals shall be monitored periodically by the class tutor – to check for recording of homework and parent / guardian signature or comment.


  • Student copies shall be examined regularly by the relevant subject teacher – to check for completion of homework, organisation of work, and student follow up to teacher correction.




  • Subject teacher to give a piece of relevant extra work.


  • Individual detention by subject teacher.


  • Homework letter to parents / note in homework journal.


  • Text to parent for homework not done.


  • If all the above have been implemented and the problem persists, a booking may be made.


  • Teacher record that the homework is not done.




  • The policy will be reviewed after two years.


  • The views and experiences of teachers, students and parents / guardians will be sought in relation to the success criteria.


  • School records will be analysed to assess any impact on students’ academic progress.




This policy will come into effect on 30/05/2008

This policy was reviewed on 27/08/2010.

Homework Policy


Appendix 1

 (Administered to Students)


Please list below 3 things that help you do your homework well, and 3 things

that interfere with it.

You need not sign the sheet.


Things that help my homework Things that interfere with my homework 
















Please circle the number closest to the answer that best explains how you feel

when doing your homework.

You need not sign the sheet.


Concentrating                       1                         2         3                        4               Thinking about other things

Alert                                       1                         2         3                        4                 Drowsy

Relaxed                 1                         2         3                        4                 Anxious

Wishing to be here        1                         2         3                       4                 Wishing to be elsewhere

Happy                                    1                         2         3                      4                 Sad

Active                                    1                 2         3                 4                 Passive

Excited                   1                 2         3                 4                 Bored

Time passing quickly   1                    2         3                 4                 Time passing slowly

Full of energy                       1                 2         3                 4                 Very little energy

Something at stake       1                 2         3                 4                 Nothing at stake

Sociable                                 1                 2         3                 4                 Lonely

Easy to concentrate                1                 2         3                 4                 Difficult to concentrate

Cheerful                                 1                 2         3                 4                 Irritable

Easy to be creative 1                 2         3                 4                 Difficult to be creative


Homework Policy


Appendix 2

(Administered to parents)


You are requested to circle the answer that best reflects your opinion. You need not sign this form.



My son is better able to doassigned homework


Strongly agree, Agree, Uncertain,Disagree, Strongly disagree
There is an improvement in hisplanning for homework Strongly agree, Agree, Uncertain,Disagree, Strongly disagree


There is a better atmosphere at homewhen homework is being done


Strongly agree, Agree, Uncertain,Disagree, Strongly disagree


My son is under less time pressure to complete his homework Strongly agree, Agree, Uncertain,Disagree, Strongly disagree


My son is more confident that his homework tasks are relevant and valuable to him  Strongly agree, Agree, Uncertain,Disagree, Strongly disagree








Due for review: