School Policy on Intercultural Education for Colaiste Eamon Ris C.B.S. Wexford




All schools should be an environment which respects the rich ethnic diversity characterising our changing society. As a microcosm of the larger world the intercultural school is a significant model of what it is to be inclusive by living out the values of its ethos statement. Diversity of culture and faith enables students to learn at first hand about the meaning and richness of other traditions.




1.                  All pupils applying to the school will be treated equally and with respect to their backgrounds.

2.                  Equal treatment of all pupils will be reflected in all relevant school policies.

3.                  Pupils coming to the school from other societies and cultures will be evaluated fairly on arrival and will be continually monitored to ensure that they are at all times following the most appropriate course of studies.

4.                  Where extra tuition is necessary to overcome a language need the school will do everything within the resources of the school to address this need.

5.                  Where possible the school should build up a relationship with the local minority ethnic groups where they exist.

6.                  All minority students will be encouraged to partake in all aspects of school life.

7.                  Inservice will be sourced for any staff member who expresses the need for such assistance.