Music is available as a subject option at both Junior and Senior Cycle. 

It is also a module in Transition Year.


The aim of the course is to deliver a broad and balanced education in music by providing students with the musical knowledge, understanding, practical competencies and attitudes appropriate to their age, needs, abilities and interests. At each stage of music education, performing, composing and listening skills are developed. Music technology is also practised.


Performance: Students may engage in individual or group performances. Voice and/or instruments are practised. Students are also encouraged, where possible, to attend external instrumental lessons. This is an advantage but not a necessity.


Composing: Students engage with a range of prescribed exercises that deal with melody writing and harmony.


Listening: Listening requirements involve a broad range of set categories.

Students study…

  • Prescribed songs and works
  • General listening and musical literacy skills
  • Irish music
  • A chosen general study.

Different musical styles, periods and genres are also investigated.


Higher and ordinary levels are catered for though students are encouraged to take higher level. The modes of assessment include a practical examination in individual and/or group performing, and a combined aural and written examination in composing and listening to music. At Junior Cert., the practical component is worth 20% of the total grade and at Leaving Cert. it can be 25% or 50% depending on student preference.


In Transition Year students engage in a range of musical activities including song-writing, learning an instrument, music literacy, music/media recording and production techniques, general music studies, music appreciation and much more.


Furthermore, opportunities are available for all students to get involved in choirs, talent shows and musicals, whether as a performance outlet or behind the scenes. All abilities and interests are catered for. Music is an interesting, engaging and worthwhile subject that is accessible to and enjoyed by students of all levels and capabilities.