Transition Year 2015/2016 

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Transition Year 2014-2015

Ty trips in December  

On Tuesday the 16th of December 2014 all the Ty’s went skiing in Kilternan in County Dublin. We left school at 9:00am on two buses. One bus went to Dundrum and the other went to the skiing facility. We all got our own skis and heavy boots. We then went to the slopes to practice before we could do skiing. We were split into three groups and each group had an instructor. We all had our hearts in our mouths – some of us were really nervous about the skiing at first but everyone was excited. Mr Kehoe, Mr Whitty, Joe and Cathy all accompanied us. We all enjoyed the skiing.

When we were finished skiing, we all went to Dundrum Shopping Centre. We divided into groups of no less than two. We spent an hour in Dundrum. The shopping-centre was very large, but thankfully nobody got lost. We enjoyed visiting Dundrum and we returned to Wexford at 6:00 pm.

Thanks to everyone who made the day enjoyable: the ski-instructors in Kilternan, the teachers and also our classmates with whom we had great fun.

Geography Field Trip

CBS Has Talent preparations!

Celebrity spotting at the Ploughing Championship 2014!

Ms. Turner and TY(3) are currently taking part in a very interesting module called world science. Below are some photos from the explosive Methane Mamba experiment.

TY’s Fitness Test: Ms. Scallan, along with Mr. Forde and Mr. Hegarty, accompanied a group of Transition Year students on three differant town runs recently. 5km, 7km & 12km! It was the 1st part of a two part experiment. The boys will repeat the same run next week after drinking various different energy drinks, coffee etc.

Trip to Carne & Sheilbaggan.

Leaving school at 9 on Wednesday morning and going to Sheilbaggan for a days activitites including archery, coasteering, obstacle course and much more. Then moving on to Carne where we will stay over night before attempting a 30 km walk for Gaisce on Thursday. Returning to school Thursday evening.