History (T.Y)

Transition Year: One of the following topics will be looked at in a 10 week semester. Life and times of Louis Zamperini *Early Life up to outbreak of World war 2(to include 1936 olympics) *Life as a bomber on a flying coffin *Missing at sea *Japanese prisoner of war camps and the “bird” *Later life *possible connection with the question “were the americans right to drop the atomic bombs on Japan”?(Use PDST insevice material) OR Holocaust – Never Forget Using Holocaust timeline, focus on events in Germany. Highlight: * Holocaust from beginning to end * Wansee Conference/Genocide * Nazi Concentration Camp * ABCs of Holocaust * From one child to another – letters from Holocaust * Rescuers – people who risked their lives to save Jews * Anne Frank * Testimonies from the Holocaust * What do you know? * Voyage of the St. Louis. Assesment will be in the form of a report that will be handed up at the end of each semester.      
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Technical Graphics

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Technical Graphics Study Plan Updated  

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P.A.C. May 24th 2018

Posted 24th May 2018 | 02:09PM

The Following students have, this week, been commended by their Teachers to the Positive Affirmation Committee. May 24th 2018 Anupat Doyle Aaron Cooney Morris Adam Cleere Samuel Kelly Darragh Corish Karol Pabian Jack Whelan Shane Fortune Calcum McCleane Kacper Ostanski … Continue reading

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