18/09/2018. Dear Parent(s)/Guardians, I hope your son has settled in well here in Coláiste Éamonn Rís and enjoying his early days of secondary education. Thank you for your contributions to the Voluntary Contribution and Pitch Fund. I would like to bring a number of items to your intention. 1/ Anti-bullying workshop focusing on cyber bullying. As part of the Wexford Healthy Town initiative, Mr John Dwyer will be coming to the school on Wednesday 10th October to give a workshop to all First Years classes. Each workshop will take approximately 90 minutes. The content of the workshop is as follows: Identify the unique features and impact of cyber bullying; Increase the students understanding and awareness about the problem of cyber bullying; Learn strategies to empower students to respond in a positive manner to cyber bullying and to foster a culture of e-safety; Digital footprint and the future consequences for employment and university applications-practical examples are used to illustrate; The dangers of sexting and the legal implications of participating in this practice; Discuss the reactive nature of teens online and the dangers associated with this; Gain tools and skills needed to respond to cyber bullying; Introduce the one second rule to introduce proper online behaviour; Increase the student’s ability to effectively discus cyber bullying issues that may arise in the future; Examine the latest trends online (dangerous apps, ghost apps, gaming and robotic sites); Show the dangers associated in playing online games (e.g. Call of Duty, Fortnite). For further information on John’s work see . 2/ First Year Information Meetings We will be holding information meetings for parents of First Years on the following dates and times in the school. Please attend on the night assigned to your son’s class if at all possible. 1/ Boyle/Callan: Tuesday 2nd October 2018 @7.30pm in Library 2/Preston/Rynd: Tuesday 9th October 2018 @ 7.30pm in Room 7 You are invited to attend to discuss how your son is settling in, raise issues of concern etc. The meetings will last one hour approximately. 3/ Full Uniform Please ensure your son is winter ready and has a school jacket for the coming cold and wet weather. Yours sincerely, Principal
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