PARENT TEACHER MEETINGS 2017/2018: 6TH YEAR MONDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 2017 FROM 4.30 – 6.45PM 5TH YEAR TUESDAY 21ST NOVEMBER 2017 FROM 4.30 – 6.45PM 3RD YEAR WEDNESDAY 6TH DECEMBER 2017 FROM 4.30 – 6.45PM 2ND YEAR THURSDAY 18TH JANUARY 2018 FROM 4.30 – 6.45PM 1ST YEAR MONDAY 29TH JANUARY 2018 FROM 4.30 – 6.45PM We will be holding information meetings for parents of first years on the following dates and times in the school: Mozart/Handel: Tuesday 29th September @7.30pm in Room 11 . Beethoven/Vivaldi/Strauss: Tuesday 13th October 2014 @ 7.30pm in Room 11. You are invited to attend to discuss how your son is settling in, raise issues of concern etc. The meetings will last one hour approximately. We regularly send home letters with the students and by post. In addition to sending these home we will upload a copy of correspondance from the school to this page so that you can check any details concerning you. Complaints procedure. Below is a link that aims to generally inform parents about who they should contact to make a complaint against a teacher or other staff member of their child’s school. Parental Complaints Guidance note regarding complaints. Leaflet_-_Complaints_procedures_ok[1]   An information note for parents regarding the 2012 Budget.   Anti-bullying Week 21st-25th January 2013   We are holding an awareness week around the issue of bullying from Monday 21st –Friday 25th January 2013. We are running a number of competitions in the run up to the week to raise awareness of the week and the issues concerned. All students are invited to create an anti-bullying poster and/or compose a poem or short story around this theme. During the week itself, we will have a number of different speakers in to address issues around cyber bullying, internet safety and on building students’ capabilities in dealing with the issue. We are also holding an information meeting for parent(s)/guardian(s) on the topic of cyber bullying and internet safety on Thursday 24th January @7.30pm in the school’s G.P. Room. The talk will be given by an expert in this area. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of all years are invited. It will be an informative and interesting presentation and an excellent opportunity for parent(s)/guardian(s) to familiarise themselves with the issues that can arise from online activities. We would also recommend that you read Get With It! (A guide to cyberbullying) which is also available on the school website (Pastoral Care). See also .  If you have any concerns regarding your son’s welfare in the school, please do not hesitate to contact his Class Person or Year Head to make us aware of the concerns and to resolve the situation. Get with it. (A Guide to Cyber Bullying)
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Parents’ Council Meeting.

Posted 12th September 2018 | 12:07PM

Parents’ Council meeting Tuesday 11th September @7.30pm in the school library. All parents/guardians are cordially invited to attend.

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Technical Graphics

Posted 15th June 2018 | 08:53AM

Technical Graphics Study Plan Updated  

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