Well done to the twenty 3rd year students and 10 1st  year students who took part in the SKY SPORTS “living for sport challenge” in school recently. The school had been chosen as one of eight schools to pilot the scheme in Ireland. This program has been up and running in England for many years.

The idea is that the school runs some events to encourage more participation and enjoyment in sport among young people. SKY SPORTS provide a famous sporting ambassador to guide the students through the program and provide some useful tips on the skills needed to focus and hopefully succeed in sport and life. We had Eoin Rheinish, a triple Olympic kayaker (Athens, Beijing and London), who finished fourth in the Beijing games to work with the lads.

As well as picking up useful advice the lads took part in a six week program where they tried “different” activities like cross country running, volleyball, weight training and insanity circuit training.

They enjoyed the program and hopefully the experience will help them into the future.

Thanks also to Mr Ahearne, Ms Hayes, Mr Kehoe, Ms Scallan, Ms Ivers and Paula Finn who gave of their expertise during the program.

Living for Sport Challenge